Top 3 Family Lake Hikes in Sanders County

[b]Revett Lake Hike[/b] [b]Distance:[/b] 1.5 miles (3 there and back) [b]Description:[/b] Well used family & dog friendly trail. Waterfall, lots of shaded sections, well maintained, great views. [b]Directions:[/b] From Thompson Falls drive west to Thompson Pass Road/Hwy 471. Turn south. Drive to the top of Thompson Pass. There is a parking lot at the pass, the road to the trailhead is at the back of this lot. The road is 1 mile. There is parking at the trailhead.

[b]Cabin Lake Hike[/b] [b]Distance:[/b] 2.5 (5 miles there and back) [b]Description:[/b] Well traveled family and dog friendly hike. June time lots of blooming bear grass. Potential to see Mountain Goats. Beautiful fishable lake.  [b]Directions:[/b] From the Falls Motel, R- Highway 200 – drive 5 miles east L – Thompson River Road, approximately 6 miles (mostly paved road) L – West Fork Thompson River Road No. 603, you’ll see a sign directing you to Cabin Lake and Four Lakes Trailhead Drive 8 miles, well used gravelly dirt road There is good parking at the trailhead. There is also a vault toilet available here.

[b]Elk Lake Hike[/b] [b]Distance:[/b] 1.5 miles (3 miles there and back).  [b]Description:[/b] Well maintained, family and dog friendly trail that steadily climbs to a gorgeous mountain lake. Bear grass, fishing and a great place for a picnic. [b]Directions:[/b] From the Falls Motel, Drive west on Highway 200 through Trout Creek. At mile marker 28 go right on Blue Slide Rd. Follow road 4 miles to Vermillion River Rd. No. 154. At milepost 10-11take Sims Creek Rd 2232 approx. 3 miles to the Trailhead #882. [b]NOTE:[/b] The drive to the trailhead requires high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle.