[b]Cabin Lake Trail No. 459 and[/b] [b]South Four Lakes Creek Trail No. 460[/b] [b]Directions from the Falls Motel:[/b] R- Highway 200 – drive 5 miles east L – Thompson River Road – approximately 6 miles (mostly paved road) L – West Fork Thompson River Road No. 603 – You’ll see a sign directing you to Cabin Lake and Four Lakes Trailhead Drive 8 miles, well used gravelly dirt road There is good parking at the trailhead. There is also a vault toilet available here.

[b]Trail Length:[/b] To Cabin Lake is a 2.5 mile hike (5 miles in and out). If you countinue around the lake to the left you’ll pick up trail #460. This loop makes the trail 8 miles round trip and loops you back around to the parking lot. [b]Total elevation gain:[/b] 1200ft [b]Plan ahead:[/b] Bring bear spray, good camera with new batteries, lunch & plenty of water. We now offer bear spray for say with hip holster at the front desk. $40 + being prepared = simply smart!