How to Get Here

[b]For current road conditions, go to [url=]Montana Deparment of Transportation[/url][/b] [b]From Spokane, WA to Thompson Falls via Sandpoint:[/b] NOTE: This is a good route to take year round, especially in the [i]winter months[/i] Merge onto I-90 E via the ramp to Coeur d’Alene (approx. 30 miles) Take Exit 12 for US-95 N Turn Left onto US-95 N/Lincoln Way. Continue to follow US-95 N (approx 44 miles) Take the ramp to ID-200 E Turn right onto ID-200 E (33 miles) Continue onto MT-200 E (50 miles), until you reach Thompson Falls Turn right on Gallatin Street, just after the town pump gas station. [b]From Spokane, WA to Thompson Falls over Thompson Pass Road/MT Hwy 471 aka Prospect Creek Rd:[/b] NOTE: This way of travel is closed in the winter months. Go EAST on I-90 to Exit 43 (Kingston) Continue over free way and along the river past Prichard, ID (23.1 miles) Cross Prichard Creek Turn Right Go past Murray, ID You'll drive over Thompson Pass to Highway 200 (approx. 40 miles from Prichard) Turn RIGHT at Highway 200 - to Thompson Falls Go over the bridge and into town - you will see an Exxon/Town Pump Gas Station Go right at Gallatin Street - we are behind the Town Pump [b]From Missoula:[/b] Merge onto I-90 W via the ramp to Coeur d’Alene Take Exit 96 for US-93 N/Montana 200 W toward Kalispell Turn Left onto MT-200 at Ravalli Continue on MT-200 until you reach Thompson Falls, Approx 64 miles Go through Thompson Falls and turn left on Gallatin Street (right before the town pump) to the Falls Motel. [b]From Kalispell City Airport:[/b] Head Southeast on US-93 S (approx 33 miles) Turn right onto MT-28 W, go approx 46.5 miles Turn right onto MT-200 W at Plains Go approx 25 miles until Thompson Falls, drive through town and turn Left onto Gallatin Street (just before the town pump gas station)